What Affects The Price Of A Pre-Owned Car

At one point buying a used car used to be seen as a stigma, as if just because someone else owned a car, it isn’t worth being used by someone else. However, that judgement is slowly vanishing with people starting to realise that the cars don’t change in terms of quality or mileage just because it is pre-owned.  Many feel that a used car may have some fault or damage and that fear prevents them from buying a pre-owned car. However, dealers have managed to take precautions to ensure that the cars they sell are completely authentic with no compromise on quality even if a previous owner has used the car.

Price of the Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire

The Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire is one such car that is popular in the used car market because of its great mileage as well as good price and value of money. This car has managed to become a favourite amongst many. Its ex-showroom price is approximately rupees 7 lakh, however, price of used Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire in Bangalore can go as low as rupees 2 lakh.

Mileage Affects the Price

The Mileage of a used car does affect how much a pre-owned car is priced at. More mileage previously covered influences the way the car works and does result in wear and tear. A buyer would look into this before buying a car.

Wear and Tear: A Factor While Pricing

If a car has some kind of damage, the price automatically becomes lower. While buying a slightly worn out car is not really popular, some buyers may accept the car, but only if the price is low. No buyer would want to give too much money for a slightly worn out car.

Other Factors

The price of a car depends on other factors as well, like the year the car was made. An older model will sell for much cheaper as compared to a newer one. Sometimes, even the colour of the car influences pricing.

While buying a car, a buyer must make sure to look at all this and see that the price hasn’t been increased without reason. While there is a certification about the quality of a car thanks to the dealer, the buyer must ensure that prices have been set justly.